My Projects

Here's a list of my projects.

Check my GitHub to see what I'm working on now.

A tool to keep track of the new NSHS schedule and help students manage their Zoom links.

TypeScript React.js HTML CSS


A Chrome extension to redirect all Bing searches to Google.

JavaScript HTML CSS


Redesigned the ShareX-Custom-Upload project, a self-hosted screenshot and file uploading tool.


Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark is a Discord bot that allows you to create clips of messages you send often.

Node.js TypeScript MongoDB Linux


A minimalistic online Pomodoro timer.

JavaScript HTML CSS

Record Player

A demo of an audio player UI widget in the style of a record player.

JavaScript HTML CSS


Python script for a Home Assistant controllable Neopixel matrix.

Python Linux

Discord Emoji Text

A little app to convert text into emojis.

JavaScript HTML CSS


A simple game to easily learn the relative order of letters in the alphabet.

JavaScript HTML CSS

DVD Corner Screensaver

The DVD Screensaver but the logo only goes into the corners.

JavaScript HTML CSS

Dice Roller

A dice roller webapp.

JavaScript HTML CSS

What's the Point? Demo

A visual demonstration of the What's the Point? Problem.

JavaScript HTML CSS

Palindrome Conjecture Tester

A website to test the Palindrome Conjecture.

JavaScript HTML CSS